OMG... Cravats

Seriously. Tie one on.


That’s the scene, for me, that was the most romantic, just because of it’s simplicity. There are very, very few dialogue lines. It’s all about just their physical presence, and him seeing her, and needing to take her home. I mean, it still makes me tingle.

- Richard Armitage

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Cheeky Freddy! 

'Look here, mother: a fellow must wash and a fellow's got to dry, and if another fellow-'  'Dear, no doubt you 're right as usual, but you are in no position to argue. Come Lucy.'   They turned.
'Oh, look - don't look! Oh poor Mr Beebe! How unfortunate again-' 

E.M. Forster

(got myself a new copy of “A Room with a View”, so whoever borrowed my book, can keep it now!)


Students playing ping pong, 1937 :: Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections